Visit Italy

With three millennia of history immersed deep in culture and cuisine, Italy is a country of beauty and contrasts. With Express Immigration Services, discover the Museo dell’ opera del Duomo in Florence or explore the tangled channels of Venetian canals, Piazza, San Marco and calm and traditional life in the Castillo Orientale quarter, admire the work of Michelangelo in Vatican City or Witness the disastrous destination of Mount Vesuvius eruption in Pompeii.

Our local specialist will take to you Rome first, the hybrid capital of Italy, where you can explore Colosseum and Trevi fountain. Your visit to Vatican, with its own postal system, will not leave you without getting impressed by the wall painted by Michelangelo. Thereafter you will be spirited off to Florence; the epicentre of Renaissance. Here you can enjoy the works of Michelangelo, Botticelli, Pontomo, Giambolonga and Lorenze Monano. You will also be provided the opportunity to dine with the local family among the olive groves. Lose yourself to a magnificent place like Venice while standing on one of its 400 bridges, lounging in a gondola or sitting in a waterside cafe. With Express Immigration Services, take your time out to the maze of alleys, charming squares and superb art galleries of Piazza San Marco.

Thereafter, visit Milan with Express Immigration Services; an art-lovers’ and shoppers’ paradise and visit elegant, classy and iconic landmarks like Duomo di Milano; heart of metropolis adorned by fashionistas & designers, art galleries housing the works of Leonardo da Vinci, La Scala; offering stage to Opera & ballet. Thereafter enjoy your fun time with cappuccino and pizza of your choice.

Italy is one of the most enticing and fascinating destinations for the holiday lovers. Taking this into view, Express Immigration Services manages & plans your tour itinerary in such a way so that you can explore all breathtaking sights in a go. So plan your Italy tour with us, without worrying your airport transfers, guided tours, accommodation & meals.