Despite of having a complex immigration system, the U.K. has always been an enticing and sought-after destination for the tourists and migrants alike. The country boasts of one of the richest and strongest economies of the world and has an intriguing past and a vibrant present. The U.K. is a multi- cultural hub with the people from more than 50 nations residing there and 300 spoken languages. With its time-honored colleges and universities, booming economic sector & marvellous work culture, the country offers a stupendous career growth to an individual. The U.K. work and study visas are points based i.e. in order to be eligible for the U.K. work or study visa, you have to score certain grade or points. Whatever be your U.K. visa related requirements, Express Immigration Services is always there to help you in obtaining the visa according to your needs, intent and preferences. Our immigration experts take every possible step to make your U.K. immigration quick and easy. Our dedicated and diligent U.K. immigration team is the best knowledgeable about the country’s immigration rules and regulation and help the large proportion of people every year to immigrate successfully to the U.K.

Work Permit/ Work VISA

Since 2010, the U.K. government has made stringent rules for the workers outside the European Economic Area, to migrate and work in U.K. It is a point based visa; in other words, the individuals applying for the U.K. work permit are obliged to score certain points. The old Work Permit System of U.K. has been replaced by Tier 2 Work Permit System. The processes and stages in the Tier 2 system are altogether different from the previous system.

Requirements for Employers:

  • The employer of the individual applying for work permit should initially ‘register’ himself as a ‘sponsor’ for Tier 2 and obtain a sponsor licence.
  • Only after being registered, he can issue the certificate of sponsorship
  • It is vital for the employer to have proof showing that his business is genuine and has requirement for the intended job
  • He must also be able to prove that he has nationally advertised the business and could not get employee from inside the European Economic Area

Process after Receiving Certificate of Sponsorship:

The individual seeking work permit for the U.K. can apply only after receiving the certificate of sponsorship from the employer. He also requires the points to be claimed and the evidence for the same in order to get Tier 2 work permit issued. Tier 2 Work permit is usually issued for the time period of 3 years.

The generic category of U.K. work permit is no longer available. However, there are other avenues available which allow the individuals to work in the country.

Under Tier-2 work permit there are four categories of skilled workers:

1. Tier 2 (General):

This category is for the individuals, who are qualified professional and migrate to U.K. with a skilled job offer and certificate of sponsorship, in order to fill the job offer that cannot be filled by a skilled, settled orker. Under this category, the company or employer himself applies on the behalf of employee or the applicant. It becomes the responsibility of the employer to prove that candidates are eligible and suitable to fill the position. However, the applicant has to obtain minimum 70 points.

Tier 2 Intra-Company Transfer:

This category is for the employees of multi-nationals who are being transferred to the U.K. branch. The candidates need to have certificate of the sponsorship from their company or he employer. This category is further divided into four sub-categories including:

  • Long-term staff?
  • Short-term staff
  • Graduate –trainee
  • Skills Transfer

The employees can either be sent on long-term basis or for frequent short visits and applicants need to score minimum 50 points.

3. Tier 2 Minister of Religion:

This category is for the applicants who want to migrate to the U.K. as religious workers to perform recognized religious duties. It includes applicants who are either Ministers of Religion, or missionaries or members of religious orders. The aspiring candidate has to earn a minimum of 70 points.

4. Tier 2 Sportsperson Category:

This Category of Tier 2 work permit is for the elite sportsperson and coaches who are recognized and established internationally at the highest level and will substantially help in the development and growth of their sport. The candidates need to have a licensed sponsor and must show a valid sponsorship certificate with an endorsement number by a governing body. The endorsement is required to confirm that the sponsored candidate is internationally acclaimed. It is also a point-based system and applicant is required to score minimum of 70 points.