The United States of America is the world’s largest economy since 1870’s and is known for constant growth and advancement. Moreover, for having expertise in technology, hardcore government policies, efficient law & administration and mightiest defence system; it is the most subtle dream-destination. Its flexible education and teaching system and technological resources attract number of students from all over the world to enrol in its study programs.
Not only this, the U.S. stable growth rate, low unemployment rate, flexibility & favourable working environment and high per capita income has always enticed the businessmen and skilled professionals from different cultures, ideologies and working cultures and the country is known as land of opportunities. For this reason, multitudes of foreign workers migrate to U.S. to work in multiple employment categories.

Work Permit/ Work VISA

The U.S. government cautiously devises rules and regulations to permit any of the skilled professionals to enter the U.S. on the basis of their professions. Both long term and short term visas are granted depending upon the conditions related with the employment. Every year, thousands of job applications are received by U.S. employers but many such applications are denied on their part as they feel it is hard for the foreign persons to secure a U.S. visa and to comply with the U.S. working conditions as well. We, at Express Immigration Services help you to prepare your resume,references and qualifications for the review by U.S. employers and take a special care that these are in accordance with U.S. working standards. Because to obtain the U.S. work permit; you need to apply for visa application along with your employer’s reference application authenticating the same. Express Immigration Services helps you to apply for the following categories under work permit:

  • Professionals with Speciality Occupation: This visa is granted to highly specialized professionals including; fashion models with excellent merit & contribution, government employed people, professionals related with skilled research & development and professionals employed in the projects conducted by Defence Department. You need to have higher education degree or its equivalent to apply for this category.
  • H-2B: Temporary Non-Agriculture Worker:This includes the individuals who wish to migrate to the U.S. for seasonal or non-agriculture purpose.
  • Trainee or Special Education Visitor:This category of work permit visa is for the individuals who need to migrate to the U.S. to receive some skilled training which is not available in their own country with exception to graduates, medical or academic.
  • Intra Company Transferees: This visa is granted to a skilled professional who has to work at a branch, parent, affiliated or subsidiary of the current employer.
  • O: Individuals with extraordinary abilities and achievements: This visa category is for the individuals with high skilled abilities and artists with outstanding achievements and skills including; scientists, artists, businessmen, athletes, educators & highly recognized media persons.
  • P-1: Athletes and member of Entertainment Group:This category of visa is formulated for the sportspersons participating in competitions and to the internationally acclaimed members of an entertainment group.
  • Artist or Entertainment (Individual or Groups): This visa is for the individuals who are required to perform in recognized cultural programs.
  • Artist or Entertainer: This visa is for the people who perform, teach and coach the performers, performing at cultural exchange programs.

Most of these temporary work visas need and individual to obtain a labor certificate from the employer.

NAFTA Professional Visa (TN/TD):

The Northern American Trade Agreement is formulated to enhance and better the trading and economic conditions between United States, Mexico and Canada. Special TN Visa category is devised to make the people of these countries to gain and benefit from this treaty. The individuals are required to be of:

  • Canadian or Mexican Origin
  • Their professions must be listed in NAFTA list of Occupations
  • The specified employment must be available with the U.S. employer
  • Full-time or part-time employment must be pre-arranged by the applicant before migrating to the U.S.
  • The applicant should meet the eligibility criteria as mentioned and required by the employer