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Special Tours

Visit NASA

Since its inception NASA holds a captivating spirit, as it offers its visitors unmatched experiences, a gateway to knowledge and window to peep into the future. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) is the U.S. government agency responsible for civilian space program and aeronautics and aerospace research as well. Events and exhibitions hosted and carried out at NASA centers, offer educational and inspirational experience for all ages.

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Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the city where fun never ends, a city where you can enjoy fine dining, legalized gambling, top-line entertainment, romance of Paris, the splendour of Rome, Carnivals and magnificent shopping malls along with restaurants owned by world- class chefs. During the tour arranged by Express Immigration Services to Las Vegas, you can enjoy both; the city’s night life and explore the sites like Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon and City’s bright lights. We create customize itinerary that varies according to your needs and desires. After exploring all the natural sites and landscapes, enjoy the city life with Fremont Street experience.

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Visit New York

With its never-stopping and fast pace life and bustling with over-powered energy, New York City provides an exclusive look into American history, life and culture. From the sites of Manhattan to Empire State Building to Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Rockefeller Center to boroughs of varied queens and Brooklyn; New York has lot to offer. With Express Immigration Services, explore the unique and best of the Big Apple. We help you to know the U.S. most exciting city even better. Our tour experts’, plan, prepare and handle all details from transportations, hotel reservation, guided tours to meal. Our tour would make you to take in bright lights of Times Square.

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Visit London

London a city where old and new clash courteously and cordially, elite culture rubs shoulder with pearly queens, a town reigned by the on-going turn of monarchy & adorned with historic monuments outlandish skyscrapers, bisected by River Thames and a metropolis where more than 300 languages are spoken. With Express Immigration Services, discover and pave your way through the seat of British democracy, the Palace of Westminster, to Greenwich and Prime meridian-where you can stand in World’s both hemispheres with one foot. There are so many places to visit in London, with us, enjoy the ethnic and regal beauty of London which lies in its wonderful contradictions and its timeless legends.

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Visit Sydney

If you explore Sydney, you will find everything from the deep blue harbour, awe-inspiring beaches and world-class iconic landmarks. Here you can enjoy everything from outdoor picnics to dinners enjoying the view of Opera House. If you want to explore and experience this ravishingly beautiful destination, Express Immigration Services will be the perfect start and that too at an unbeatable price. We will arrange for your airport transfers, accommodation, meals and guided tours. With us enjoy city tour, go Sand-boarding, see wild bottlenose dolphins and koalas and get to meet friendly kangaroos. Whether you want to reserve a romantic holiday, a family trip or an all-inclusive holiday, Express Immigration Services will plan you an entertaining and lifetime trip.

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Visit Italy

With three millennia of history immersed deep in culture and cuisine, Italy is a country of beauty and contrasts. With Express Immigration Services, discover the Museo dell’ opera del Duomo in Florence or explore the tangled channels of Venetian canals, Piazza, San Marco and calm and traditional life in the Castillo Orientale quarter, admire the work of Michelangelo in Vatican City or Witness the disastrous destination of Mount Vesuvius eruption in Pompeii.

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Visit Toronto

Toronto, Canada’s largest city stretches along the lake Ontario with an attractive and modern skyline that can be recognized instantly by an arrow like CN Tower. A sumptuous trip planned & managed by Express Immigration Services will include everything from fine dining, world-class shopping to sports entertainment and breathtaking natural sites i.e. one of the lifetime experiences. During your vacations to Toronto, visit Casa Loma, beautifully decorated Edwardian castle; amidst the sumptuous gardens with an 800- foot tunnel, explore Legislative Assembly Buildings; built in the ornate Romanesque Revival style. We will also make you experience; the one of the nature’s finest and spectacular landmarks, the Niagara Falls.

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Visit Vancouver

Constantly been chosen and awarded as the World’s “Most Liveable City” since 2002, Vancouver extends both the outdoor adventures and world-class amenities to its residents and visitors alike. During your visit to Vancouver, you can enjoy and experience the snow-covered mountains, waterfront forests, city side beaches, Olympic history and world’s highest suspension bridge. It is one of the few places in the world where you can ski in the morning and sail in the afternoon.

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