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Canada certainly a become first choice for immigrants due to many reasons such as it is on 3rd rank as most civilized country as well as rank 6th as most peaceful country in the world. Great prosperity, peaceful life, family care, Government healthcare plans, children and family quality of life push foreign nationals to come to Canada. There are many programs offered by provincial and federal government which helps to settle down and become Canadian permanent resident followed by Canadian citizenship. Do not worry, if your or your family credentials does not match with one program, you still have alternative way to come to Canada.

Find out if you are eligible to come to Canada through any of the following program:

Live-in Caregiver Program:

This program allows an eligible any private home/ Canadian citizen/ permanent resident to sponsor and invite a qualified Caregiver/ Nanny for children, senior citizen or personal having a disability.

Foreign Worker Program:

An eligible foreign workers can apply, obtain Canadian work permit and work visa for specific time period to fill the short term labour and skill shortages. It makes possible by obtaining a valid job offer and employment contract with Canadian employer.

Self Employed - Entrepreneurs Program:

An entrepreneurs who can have a innovative business ideas and be self employed without negative impact on the Canadian labour market and participate in Canadian employment industry may be eligible under this program.

Federal Skilled Workers Program:

A foreign skilled professionals can be eligible based on the qualification, age, work experience, category under NOC etc. get permanent residence in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trades Program:

This program offers permanent residency for qualified skilled trades workers who can contribute to the Canada’s economy.

Major Skilled Trade Categories:
Industrial, Electrical and Construction Trades
Maintenance and Equipment Operation Trades
Manager and Technical Supervisors:
Natural Resources, Agriculture, Production, Processing, Manufacturing and Utilities and Central Control Operators Chefs and Cooks Butchers and Bakers

Family Based Sponsorship:

The Canadian citizens or permanent residents can invite relative by producing proper sponsorship for family and relatives.

Canadian Work Experience:

The Canadian Work Experience program is a straight way to get Canadian Permanent residence
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